Friday, 24 April 2015

Far from heaven

he outfit from Long Clothing became my obsession and I ended up wearing it too often. When mixed with the most comfortable jacket from Michael Kors, it's so hard to bother with another outfit...
Hat - Long Clothing //  T-shirt -  Long Clothing// Pants - Long Clothing // Jacket - Michael Kors // Boots - Buffalo
pics by Patryk Spiker

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I'll be the magic you ever see

I always felt weird wearing sunglasses but when you get to wear Saint Laurent on your nose you get nothing but good feelings. Bags are also my new addiction because I have to hide my secrets somewhere. Not that I keep any secrets from you, my dear readers. 
Sunglasses - Saint Laurent via. RedHotSunglasses // Jacket - ComeGetFashion // Bag - ComeGetFashion // Pants - Zara // Boots - Buffalo
pics by Patryk Spiker

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

We're going to start a fire

Here's another sneek peek of the first collection of Her Bad Habit! To make the t-shirt the designer shot the girl herself in the studio, I just love the creativity of the project! 
T-shirt - Her Bad Habit // Pants - sh // Boots - Buffalo 
pics by Patryk Spiker

Her Bad Habit

Last month I had a pleasure to work with an amazing young designer who is creating her own brand called Her Bad Habit - You definitely should check out her website and the clothes. 
All the clothes - Her Bad Habit
pics by Patryk Spiker

Saturday, 18 April 2015

I was first

Notting Hill area always gives me feeling to wear something a little bit smart. Of course smart in my way, it won't happen without total blackness and platforms + I still enjoy the Malfoy aka Kim Kardashian hairstyle. 

Watch - GYDJA // Top - StateOfFrevare // Pants - h&m // Boots - Buffalo
pics by Patryk Spiker

Thursday, 16 April 2015

I'll blow your mind

Vintage king of feeling mixed with transparent piece of material gives me enough of freedom to be myself. Messy hair, wild look, no smile because of nostalgia in the heart. 
 Coat - All Saints // Top - // Pants - Zara // Boots - Buffalo
pics by Patryk Spiker